Mr John Murray is a 92 Year Old Aged Pensioner who has been Tirelessly Fighting for Socio-Economic Justice For The Bottom 30% of the population that are Not represented by the popular political parties and cannot argue their case for Better Income conditions or Income Supplements to Improve their Impoverished lives and Poor Health because in most cases their disposable income falls on or below the Poverty Line and their increases If Any are not in line with the consumer price index or Real cost of living expenses.

He contends that every budget transfers more money from the Lowly paid category into the Highly paid Elite and Super Rich income bracket, he proves his argument with facts and  advocates for the long overdue Redistribution of financial resources and taxation policies to Compensate the Poor who have been and still are on Fixed Incomes that are Not Sufficient to Pay for Rent, Gas, Electricity, Insurances, Water, Food.

Many are having a Poor Diet so that they have enough $money to pay rent which is Very high due to the property boom and the inflated prices of residential dwellings.  

Some end up Homeless when they cannot meet these living costs and eventually resort to Crime or they commit suicide to escape this misery and torture that becomes  a permanent fact of life in this penal colony run by  Criminal Robbers and Looters who Punish the defenseless to wash clean their wrong doings.

The Poor are the Sacrifice to please the $money power(s) these include bankers corporation executives speculators of all sorts.

The mainstream politicians are in service to that Vile queen; her Cadaver like consort his royal virus Philip, these politicians do not care about Australia`s Title holders of Poverty Under the crown.

Thats why Mr Murray has to take the fight to the political powers that be to do their duty and Stop this loss of lives and int he meantime there is  a need for Soup Kitchens Emergency Accommodation Clothing and necessities for those in critical situations.

As yet No politician(s) have responded to Mr Murray`s request for Direct Dialogue in implementing long term solutions so Mr Murray still has a very long battle with the politicians their advisors (fake academics government officials)

Mr Murray Would Like To See poverty Eradicated and Eventually Outlawed