Hello over there Man of God! How is Christianity progressing in your big ecclesiastical phenomenal? I wrote to you last year in reference to compensation for the misdeeds of some Popes in relation to Ireland, but so far have had no reply.



You are aware that in 1156 AD the English Pope Adrian IV, issued an infallible Bull giving Ireland to England. Pity Benedict that the Bull didn’t gore the lunatic Adrian to death, as the idiot Pope must have been off his bloody rocker to execute such an abominable crime against humanity.  Then along came Pope Innocent, who financed England’s King William of Orange to butcher the Irish, and the despicable Pope Pius IX betrayed all Christian principles by condemning Irelands beloved Fenians for resisting Johns Bulls butchery in the Emerald Isle. If those three Popes are not burning in Hell, Ben, then Satan should be sacked for not doing the job of punishing evil, that God has chosen him to do! Those enormities Ben, on the part of some evil Popes doesn’t lend much credence to the “Christs Vicar on Earth” pronouncements!



If you, Benedict, are a sincere Man of God then you have a Christian duty to quench the Vatican’s and British Aristocratic thirst for Irish blood by immediately issuing an infallible Bull, demanding that the British Queen, who is the butcher of London and Belfast, and her armed forces of aggression get the hell out of Ireland and give Ireland back to the Irish! You must also ensure, Benedict, that all Catholics serving in Her Majesty’s armed forces in Ireland be told to desert or face excommunication from the Catholic Church!



Being German, Ben, you might get a very good hearing if you contact the Windsors regarding Vatican financed British butchery in Ireland, as the Windsors are of German origin and King Edward, uncle of the present Queen, declared before he abdicated that he did not have one drop of blood in him that wasn’t German. (See War of the Windsors – a Century of Unconstitutional Monarchy. Publisher, Hardie Grant Books, 85 High St, Prahran, Melbourne).



When the Vatican was dispensing with certain Saints some years ago they should have given the chop to St Patrick! St Patrick was not an Irishman and did nothing for Ireland, there was Celtic Christianity in Ireland before St Patrick arrived there, Patrick should have preached his brand of Christianity in England and perhaps it may have prevented the British aristocracy from butchering the Irish and mutilating Ireland, Irishman Saint Oliver Plunkett, who was hanged, drawn and quartered by the British at Tyburn, should be elevated to the role of Irelands Patron Saint.



I have heard on the grapevine Ben that you have been selected for a run at Randwick Race Course in July of this year at the long, long odds of half a million, at odds like that, Ben, I cannot envisage you climbing the victory dais. I am going to throw caution to the wind, and risk a dollar on you on the off-chance that all the other entrants fall over. All eyes will be on you. Good luck!



Because Australia is ruled by the Masonic House of Windsor it is one of the most regressive, barbarian, corrupt and un-Christian continents on earth! The House of Windsor is a Masonic Institution. The Queen who is Head of the Church of England is the grand patroness of World Freemasonry! Prince Phillip is a Mason! and the Queen’s father King George and her uncle King Edward were Masonic Grandmasters! The present Grandmaster of British Freemasonry is the Duke of Kent (see War of the Windsors). Allegiance by politicians and others to the Queen is allegiance to Freemasonry! Scouts and school children who honour the Queen, crown and the flag are honouring Freemasonry! Queen’s honours and medals are symbols of Freemasonry! The legal system is a Masonic instrumentality!!



Clergy of other faiths have declared Freemasonry as anti-Christ, which means that Australia is ruled by anti-Christ institutions! There is an Anglican clergyman in Sydney who told Freemasons in his congregation to leave the Church and not come back because Freemasonry is anti-Christ! It is about time, Ben, that you announced Ex-Cathedra the Vatican’s stance regarding Freemasonry. You should make the announcement while in Australia, as there are elements here that claim that the Vatican is the world’s headquarters of Freemasonry and that the Masonic Obelisk is a feature of St Peters Square (Circle) in the Vatican.



Masonic House of Windsor Rule and the much boasted about Australian Values have Oz pensioners the most impoverished in the Western World, with a special court in Broadmeadows 3047 to prosecute pensioners who have to steal to feed themselves and their children. Child poverty in Australia is the 2nd highest in the OECD, five times higher than in the Republic of America. A UN Survey reported that 1.7 million Australians won’t reach the age of 60 because of poverty. (Isn’t that outright genocide?) War Widows and returned service personnel are dependent on the proceeds of begging, as do the 20% lowest socio-economic income bracket. Homelessness is increasing at an alarming rate with thousands upon thousands without shelter and a basic wage $150 a week below the poverty line.



The most profound statement to be uttered by the late Pope John Paul II, before departing from earthly life, was when he stated that “The eradication of poverty is the most fundamental issue that challenges our human and Christian Conscience”. Those words by your predecessor would indicate that the eradication of poverty is far more urgent and important than any other sphere of Catholic Church activity! Those words also give Divine credibility to my contention that my crusade to  have poverty abolished in Australia is a more Holy and Wholesome undertaking then the purpose of your visit to Australia.



So, Ben, when it comes to expertise on the fundamentals of Christianity, it is hard to go past the Ard Mhacha’s, especially the Mullyarders and Derrynoosers! Thomas McNally who is one of the most accomplished experts on Theocracy, and is said to be as Holy as Christ Himself is a Listerkelt Derrynooser! Ben, I implore you to pay a visit to Derrynoose, as you would learn more about all aspects of Christianity and Divine Law in one hour there, than you have learned in all your years in the Vatican! While there, Ben, you could bless yourself with the Holy Water in St Mochuas Blessed Well! You could photograph the Mullyard male standing stone and the female and baby stone lying nearby! Being a theologian yourself, Ben, you would be mesmerised by the theologians of Mullyard and their Divine exposition of the Hand of God Act, and miracles that surround the history of the Mullyard stones!!



You could then wend your way, Ben, to the town of Ballymena, where you might get a glimpse of Ian Paisley, making his Free Presbyterian Holy Water. The story has it that Paisley makes his Holy Water by putting a big pot of water on a blazing fire and boiling Hell out of it! Isn’t, Paisley clever, Ben? Only an Irishman could think of it. The Irish sure beat the Vatican to the winning post on that one!



Since his appointment as First Minister to the English Queen, it has been said that Paisley has gone a bit boozy! He has often been heard to say: where is me Guinness, me Guinness agrees with me, I like me Guinness, will I bring me Guinness with me, I would feel more confident if I had me Guinness beside me etc. Being a teetotaller myself, Ben, I suppose I should do something to rescue Paisley from the crooked and wide, and get him back on the straight and narrow!



Although, Pope Innocent, financed England’s King William of Orange to save the Irish Protestants from annihilation at the hands of England’s Catholic butcher, King James, Paisley still mistrusts the Vatican. Perhaps the Vatican’s support for British butchery of the Irish has Paisley of the opinion that if the Vatican high priests betray and assist the butchery of their own followers what would they not do to others of different faiths and no faiths.


Paisley should be excused for his bigotry as he is a victim of the British Masonic Patroness Queen’s Writ, in North East Ireland that fosters discrimination, injustice, bigotry, hatred, racism etc!



If the gun salute that you got in America, Ben, is an indication that you have some knowledge of gunplay, then I suggest that you enter Australia with guns blazing, like a John Wayne kind of things or better still Australia’s own Ned Kelly who fought against injustice and inhumanity. When you exit the plane I suggest you fire a few volleys in the air as a indication to the Catholics of Oz that you mean business and that you won’t tolerate any doings on the part of Catholics that transgresses God’s Commandments. But for God’s sake Ben don’t shoot any mosquitoes as mosquitoes are a few of the living inhabitants of Oz that possess the gumption to irritate the Colony’s politicians and other miscreants who are robbing the poor to benefit the rich, thereby violating God’s commandment” Thou Shalt Not Steal!



At the present time there is a wooden cross being carried around Australia by young Catholics to inspire Catholic youth to adhere to and propagate the faith. It is my contention, Ben, that a better way to extol the virtues and principles of Christianity is to use the cross as a Battering Ram to smash down the doors of Catholic politicians of all political persuasions and bring them to account for co-operating with politicians of other denominations, to rob the elderly and children of the poor! The doors of the Catholic hierarchy should also receive a few batterings so as to expose the hierarchies eulogising of and fraternising with the un-Godly politician serpents. It is your duty, Ben, as Head of the Catholic Church to have all those Catholics excommunicated from Catholicism if they don’t renounce their anti-Christ mode of operation.




Australian Bishops that will be accompanying you, Ben, should be given another dose of the Sacrament of Confirmation, and that you yourself do the honours, and when you give them the stroke upon the cheek, that you use a one kilo barbell and give them a good hard bang that will send their teeth flying, so as to awake them from their slumber, and demand that they lead the faithful onto the streets in a campaign of civil disobedience that will bring the cities of Australia to a standstill, and if it is necessary then storm the parliaments and the homes of the Governor-General, State Governors and the politicians of all persuasions in pursuit of humanity and justice! Moderation in the quest for humanity and justice is the antithesis of Christianity!  Of course, Ben, if you feel you are not up to the job I suggest you hand the reins to me and I will crack the whip. If you would confer on me the title of “Cardinal” which you have the power to do without going through the trappings of Ecclesiastical paraphernalia, I would go through the Catholic Poverty Purveyors like a dose of razor blades.


I cannot comprehend, Ben, how Bishops, clergy and those who claim to be Christians can sleep easy at night in the knowledge that the elderly and little children of the poor are living in a state of stark, human misery and are malnourished and deprived of the necessities of life! in a colony as rich as Australia. You have a Godly duty, Ben, to shame Australia by revealing those facts to the world!


Poverty in Australia, Ben, can be eradicated in one fell swoop! For example the Government is going to cut taxes (unnecessarily) by 31 billion dollars over a period of 3 years. That amount, Ben, would put an extra 100 dollars every week into the pockets of over 5.9 million Australians in the lower to lower middle income brackets, and with food coupons for those who cannot look after their finances and rent coupons where necessary, poverty in Australia would be made history!  I wrote to Australia’s Queen to forward me one million dollars to rally the poor and oppressed to the cause of humanity and justice but have had no response, which leads me to the conclusion that Elizabrit is so mean and tight-fisted that she wouldn’t give her fart to the stink maker. I would laugh for a century if the Queen and her Royals shot themselves with pills of their own Dung!


The main perpetrators of inhumanity and injustice in Australia, Ben, are the lawyer/mafia politicians of all persuasions, and Union official politicians, and of course our dictatorial electoral laws that compel the people to vote for thieves! In the popularity stakes lawyers and union officials are judged by the public to be in as low a category as used car salesmen and drug pushers! And yet the people are compelled by law to give a mandate and a womandate to those thieves to rob, rort and loot, and we are paying them big salaries to do it! Lawyers want poverty to continue, because without poverty the crime rate would drop by more than half, and that would mean less work for lawyers, and less opportunity for lawyers to raid the public purse! The Unions appreciate poverty because if there is no poor, fewer people would join Unions and fewer would vote Union/Labor!


The charity workers and religious bodies also have a vested interest in the poverty industry because it provides good jobs, salaries, economic salvation and Queens Birthday honours for many of the many who are sponging on the poor and deprived! (70 cents in every dollar raised by Red Cross goes in administration). Most dissident groups entertain poverty as it is the main weapon in their arsenal to use against the Established Order or Disorder, and without poverty fewer people would be attracted to the groupings ideologies.


The Catholic hierarchy, Ben, are well aware of this scenario, but remain silent on Christ’s condemnation of the lawyers, and those who make life Hell upon earth for the poor! So, Ben, you have a Godly duty to let fly at the hierarchy – keep an eye open for Cardinal’s Pell and Brady, the man from Breffni and Armagh, (up Derrynoose), as they are a big pair of blokes – and remind them of Christ’s teachings. As the Vatican has some dealings with bulls, it would be a Godsend, Ben, if you could do the bull in the China shop thing, and frighten the hell out of Cardinal George Pell and the Bishops, and demand they come down from their ivory towers, and lead the way to have our wastrel politicians come down and sit on the dust like the Daughter of Babylon!!


I wish, Ben, you would take St Vincent De Paul and St Lawrence out of Australia! Begging Saints who beg to help themselves and the needy are perpetuating poverty by accommodating and serving it! Paying beggars to beg for themselves and the needy in a wealthy Colony like Australia is an abomination, when the simple solution is a fairer distribution of the Colony’s wealth. Jesus Christ didn’t run around with a collection tin to help himself and the needy! Only those who eradicate poverty and not those who accommodate and serve poverty should be elevated to Sainthood! I am quite conversant, Ben, with Saints and Sinners and how Saints can be Sinners. I am a follower of the St Kilda football team and when they win they are Saints and when they loose they are Sinners!



What Australia needs is a revolutionary saint of the calibre of Joan of Arc to organise and lead an unarmed revolution against the imposition of poverty by our politicians and officialdom who eulogise and serve a barbarian anti-Christ Masonic Sectarian Monarchical system of robbing, rorting, looting etc. 


I cannot in all conscience Ben adhere to the ritual that states: Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive them who trespass against us”. I have a suspicion, that ritual was designed and framed by Church hierarchies who have been perpetrating misdeeds, and are requesting forgiveness from the victims, like requesting the Irish to forgive the Popes who contributed to the butchery of the Irish, and that Irish Republican’s forgive the present Queen of England for her murdering of the Irish hunger-strikers, and her causing the deaths of over 3 thousand people in Ireland and England over a 30 year period! and her armed forces pioneering on Irish Freedom Fighters the inhuman type of torture that the coalition forces have inflicted on the Iraqi prisoners in Abu Ghraib! and of course begging the poor to forgive the rich who rob the poor.


Forgiving those tyrants, Ben, only encourages them to continue their butchery and robbery. I have no intention, Ben, of forgiving those who trespass against Ireland, and the poor in Australia, unless restitution is made and a system of humanity and justice is established.


I hope the fires of Hell are blazing hot for the Oz Union Officials and their labor politician comrades in crimes against humanity, who have bashed and robbed 60 year old workers of their basic human rights and liberties to work to provide for their families. Those cowardly scum Ben who rob the elderly and little children of the poor are not human and in a just society would be hanged (I would hang them a thousand times over) drawn and quartered! For their crimes they don’t deserve to live and when they die (which cannot be too soon) they don’t deserve to rest in peace. If the ground opened up and swallowed a State conference of the Labor party and a meeting of Trades Hall Council it would rid Victoria of most of the worst of its vermin!!


You might be interested to know, Ben that Jesus Christ’s great uncle, Joseph of Arimithea who, after he buried Jesus Christ went to live in Celtic Glastonbury in Somerset, England, and built a church there, which is still used today. Joseph became absorbed into Celtic Culture  and Civilisation, meaning that Joseph considered the Celtic culture to be superior to that of others and even his own. Now, Ben, wasn’t Joseph a sagely man? http://www.glastonburyabbey.com/


Queen Boudica, “England’s Warrior Queen” who led and fought a Christian war of National Liberation to free England from Roman Occupation and savagery was a Celtic Queen! Most other British Monarchs fought internal religious wars, and were Imperial butchers who occupied and confiscated foreign lands! http://www.historic-uk.com/HistoryUK/England-History/Boudica .htm


Voting in Australia is compulsory, but irrespective of who you vote for you still end up with tweedlerob or tweedlerobber in Government! It is a crime against humanity to give a mandate to thieves to continue their thieving from the elderly and children of the poor. For that reason I implore you, Ben, to decree that Catholics who vote in Australia are committing a mortal sin, as voting for thieves to rob you, and rob me is a crime against humanity!!


According to a Provisional Newspaper, Australians lack the mental capacity to differentiate between right and wrong. A famous quote uttered was “what do we have to do to get this Nation of Dumbheads Mobilised”. It is my contention that only UN/International Supervision will get Australia to the stage of running its own affairs in a climate of a civilised, humanitarian, just and fair society!


In conclusion, Ben, I contend that it is your sacerdotal duty to excommunicate all Catholic politicians, and Catholics who are members of organisations that rob the poor to give to the rich! If you need any further advice, Matey, don’t be shy about giving me a tingle, as the upper echelons of all institutions Divine and otherwise, can from time to time do with a few words of wisdom.

Best of good luck, Ben!


John Murray     Ph: 9583 8914    www.outlawpoverty.org

PS: There are some honest lawyers, but they are too few in numbers to reform the Lawyer Mafia System.